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How to save money while traveling to Pondicherry

Nov 9, 2021 | Travel

Puducherry is one of the most beautiful destinations in India. Because of the extensive European influence in the area, it is known as a French town. The lovely beaches, old mansions, majestic cathedrals, and, of course, the food are all reasons to visit. The food provided here is well-known for its flavour and fragrance. The diversity of meat and vegetarian options offered here is what distinguishes the food. You have a lot to accomplish here, but you need to plan ahead of time. Check out how much money you’ll need to visit the ‘Paris of the East.’

Travel budget for Puducherry

Most individuals who have visited Puducherry estimate that spending a day here will cost you roughly ₹1,252. Three meals a day would set you back about ₹350. You may save a lot of money by taking public transportation, such as the bus. If you use local transportation, you will have to spend approximately 160.

If you are not at ease and choose to use private cabs, you will wind up spending much more money. The hotels in this area are rather inexpensive, with the majority of them being offered for less than ₹1,500. Using these figures, a trip to Puducherry with a companion will cost about ₹17,550.

Two persons can stay in Puducherry for a week for this fee. If you wish to tour the area on your own, you may stay for two weeks for the same price.

Places to visit in Puducherry

There are several activities available in Puducherry. The French War Memorial is one of the places to visit. The monument is both beautiful and straightforward. The exquisite sculpture was created in commemoration of the French troops who died in World War I.

You may also go to the Gandhi Statue and the Old Lighthouse. Another gem of Puducherry is Auroville. Scuba diving is another option. Take a peek at some of the things to do in Puducherry.

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Knowing Pondicherry: Cultures & Traditions?

Puducherry is an Indian Union Territory that gives a taste of France in India. The Bay of Bengal borders it on the east, while Tamil Nadu borders it on three sides. Puducherry was previously known as Pondicherry, and its Vedic name was Vedpuri, until September 20,...

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Know the famous eateries in Pondicherry?

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