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Is Pondicherry better than Goa?

Oct 20, 2021 | Travel

Goa has long been the only beach city people have visited, and it is understandable that being near two megacities with a sizable young population, Goa had to take the crown. However, with the advancement of more convenient modes of transportation and increased knowledge, individuals have begun to search beyond and for more. Many beaches, including Gokarna, Varkala, and Pondicherry, have grown too popular in recent years.

Goa and Pondicherry hold the crown on both sides of the Indian peninsula; with a European touch to their culture, they have earned enormous appeal among India’s young people. Whether you’re looking for a romantic break or a fun and frolic with friends or family, both locations offer their own unique characteristics.

1- Pondicherry has cleaner beaches than goa.

Well, having stated that, let me just illustrate my argument here: we all agree that Goa is a more popular destination, but Pondicherry receives less tourist throughout the year. More tourism generates more waste, resulting in filthy beaches and other tourist destinations. Though Goa offers scenically stunning beaches such as Vagator and Anjena beach, Pondicherry’s immaculate beaches such as Promenade beach, Paradise beach, and Auroville beach are less crowded and more attracted toward cleanliness. Relax on the soft sand, party by the sea, walk along the coastlines, watch magnificent sunsets, swim, construct a sandcastle, attempt exciting water sports, or spend a romantic evening are all options.

2- More places than beautiful beaches.

Though the beaches are the major draw, there is a sizable contingent of visitors who are drawn in by the area’s culturally rich heritage. A city with a blend of French and Indian culture, with several temples and churches such as “Our Lady of Angels” and “St. Andrew’s.” There is a wonderful French colony called Auroville where you may spend a day, well, not just a day, but a night eating great organic food and volunteering at various workshops. With its clean and serene surroundings, it is a spiritual haven.

A tasty and intriguing meal can make any vacation ideal. This city will provide you with whatever type of food you can think of. If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, establishments like Café Des Arts and Les Chefs serve delicious French and South Indian cuisine. On the streets, delicious delicacies such as Egg Dosa await street food enthusiasts. For non-vegetarians, there is a street immediately before the French colony with shops lined up to give you some finger-licking-good food.

3-  Cheaper beaches than Goa

The cost of a place rises in proportion to the number of tourists that visit it; Goa is highly popular among all age groups in this country, but Pondicherry may provide you all the joys of Goa at the same or lower cost. Hotels are far less expensive than those in Goa, and there are no admission fees on beaches with safe and enough parking. So the Booze is the next big thing? Pondicherry, for those who are unaware, is also a Union Territory with a relatively low alcohol tax in the city, which implies cheaper booze and easier access. And the nightlife is significantly greater; while Pondi’s nightlife is little compared to Goa’s, it is nonetheless insufficient.

4- Better places for scuba diving in Pondicherry

This is for all water adventure sports enthusiasts; unlike Goa, Pondicherry does not have a long list of activities to offer, but what it does have is a considerably superior experience than Goa. Scuba diving, in Goa, you can scuba up to 3m-5m for 20 minutes with about 3 to 5m visibility, while in Pondicherry, you can scuba to a depth of 18m for 45 minutes with more than 10m clarity on good days, and that’s with adequate training and a personal diving instructor with each new diver. Surfing, Pondicherry’s Serenity Beach, a naturally gorgeous beach with rapid and strong waves, is ideal for surfing.

5- Pondicherry is a safe travel destination than Goa.

Any city may only become a wonderful tourist destination if it provides travellers with complete safety. This establishment is influenced by the delicate south Indian culture, which is exceedingly polite and inviting. In Pondicherry, they will instantly make you feel at ease and will show you how much they appreciate your presence with heartfelt gestures. This location is completely safe for alone female travellers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Because open boozing is not permitted on beaches, tourists are free to explore the beaches at any time of day or night. The  Beach is much more appealing at night, with cafes serving delicious food and providing a wonderful spot to sit and enjoy the sea view.



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